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The Birth of Carpet Fresh®!

History 1
1976 Carpet Fresh Powder products are introduced

History 2
1999 Carpet Fresh Quick-Dry Foam products are introduced.

2001 Carpet Fresh joins the WD-40 Company family of brands.

Even when a carpet is clean, everyday smells like pet odors, smoke, cooking odors and musty/stale odors get trapped in the fibers and make it smell dirty. Carpet Fresh Rug and Room Odor Eliminators neutralize odors trapped in your carpet—providing the last touches that finish the job right!

Pet Lovers Rejoice!

Callout - Pet Lovers

Just because you have pets, doesn't mean you have to smell them when they're not around. Eliminate pet odors easily!

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Our Products

Callout - Apple Can

Carpet Fresh is available in both Quick-Dry Foam and Powder in a variety of refreshing fragrances.

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